DAMPA Adam Dąbrowski

DAMPA Adam Dąbrowski


Dampa Tiger Reserve is the largest nature reserve in the state of Mizoram in north-east India on the border with Bangladesh. It covers an area of 550 square kilometers. It is a natural home of leopards, Indian bisons, muntjacs, sloth bears, gibbons, Python molurus and many other species.


In the Philippines, Dampa, which means "wet market", is a place where you can buy seafood. You do not have to take home shopping because there are restaurants which can prepare a meal of fish, shrimps, crabs, calamari or bivalves you purchased.



Of course, we do not have much in common with the above ... we are a Polish advertising agency providing comprehensive services to companies and institutions in the field of widely understood advertising.
We specialize in advertising gadgets with a printed design and printing. Our own graphics department and contact with reliable suppliers allow us to fulfill all orders quickly, cheaply and always at the highest level. We have been active as DAMPA since 2014. We have been successively gaining our experience in the advertising industry since 1998. We started our business with a design of the first logo.

Since the first contact with the advertising industry, our company has been improving all the time by listening to the suggestions and expectations of our clients and advice from our suppliers and subcontractors.
As a result, we have been gradually striving to become an advertising agency where everything can always: